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Welcome to our CASH Giveaway!

Your positive feedback from using our Hip 2 Health products, will help inspire many individuals/families to nourish their overall health just like you did.

You can enter for a chance to become one of our CASH WINNERS!!!

Just post an Instagram video review by following the instructions below and you will automatically be entered.

Hip 2 Health Cash prizes ranges from $50 to $200 USD.


Submit your your transformation story of how our Hip 2 Health Products positively impacted you or your families health, for a chance to win the Cash giveaway!!!


Instagram Feed Posting Guidlines To Enter Giveaway & Increase Chances Of Winning:

1. Your video must have all the below points covered:

Tell us what problem you were having before you discovered Hip 2 Health

What did the frustration feel like as you tried to solve the problem with no success

- How did the Hip 2 Health products help you overcome the above problem & how did it make you feel


2. Look your best because reviews will be shared on all our social media platforms.

3. Your full face must be shown in the video.

4. Our Hip 2 Health product must be clearly shown in your video.

5. Your recording environment must be well lit with good lighting and no loud background noise/distractions.

6. Tag @hip2health in your video post on Instagram so we are made aware that you have entered the giveaway.

7. You must have an active paypal account to receive payment (if you win)

8. Your Instagram account MUST be public and not set to private

9. You can share multiple transformation videos, BUT each video must ONLY focus on one of our Hip 2 Health products at a time.


***By entering this giveaway & posting your video on instagram, you are agreeing & granting us (Hip 2 Health) permission to use your video review on all social media platforms.

The close off date to post your video and enter our giveaway is on September 27th at 12pm EST.

We will send an email when we announce the Cash giveaway winners.