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NEW - 2 Month Supply Maca Root Vegan Capsules

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Hip 2 Health Maca Root Vegan capsules is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, it's no wonder Maca Root is considered a superfood. It may aid with the below:

1. Increases sex drive & performance

2. Reducing erectile dysfunction

3. Boosting energy and endurance

4. Increasing fertility

5. Improving mood

6. Reducing blood pressure

7. Fighting free radicals

8. Reducing menopause symptoms

9. Improves thyroid function and metabolism

10. Improve mental focus, memory and cognition

11. Improve prostate function in men

12. And much more.


2 X 60 Capsules - Consume 2 capsules with food up to 3 times daily

Maca Root: 1000mg Vegan Capsules



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